Soigner sa t te sans m dicaments ou presque

Titre : Soigner sa t te sans m dicaments ou presque
Auteur : Patrick LEMOINE
Éditeur : Robert Laffont
ISBN-13 : 9782221135761
Libération : 2014-04-17

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Les médicaments, on peut s'en passer ! Car nous disposons d'une incroyable industrie pharmaceutique dans notre cerveau... Les Français sont les premiers prescripteurs et consommateurs de psychotropes. Certes, les médicaments sont utiles, tout particulièrement dans les cas extrêmes de psychose ou d'hallucination. Mais pourquoi en abuser dans les situations moins graves, stress et insomnie notamment, quand les effets secondaires sont aussi néfastes ? D'autant que, on l'ignore souvent, notre machinerie neuronale est capable de tout fabriquer : des antibiotiques, des tranquillisants, des anticancéreux, des cicatrisants... Mais à force de constater que le travail est fait à sa place, notre corps s'habitue et perd ses défenses naturelles. À partir d'histoires cliniques, cet ouvrage présente de façon très parlante les méthodes scientifiquement validées qui favorisent les défenses de l'organisme. Entre les techniques éprouvées que l'on peut rapidement pratiquer seul (comme le yoga, la pleine conscience ou l'hypnose) et celles avec un thérapeute (telles les psychothérapies cognitives et comportementales), l'important est de trouver la méthode qui nous correspond. Il est temps d'oser sortir des sentiers battus pour inventer, main dans la main avec chaque patient, une thérapeutique personnalisée.

The Myth of Sanity

Titre : The Myth of Sanity
Auteur : Martha Stout
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9781101161630
Libération : 2002-02-26

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Why does a gifted psychiatrist suddenly begin to torment his own beloved wife? How can a ninety-pound woman carry a massive air conditioner to the second floor of her home, install it in a window unassisted, and then not remember how it got there? Why would a brilliant feminist law student ask her fiancé to treat her like a helpless little girl? How can an ordinary, violence-fearing businessman once have been a gun-packing vigilante prowling the crime districts for a fight? A startling new study in human consciousness, The Myth of Sanity is a landmark book about forgotten trauma, dissociated mental states, and multiple personality in everyday life. In its groundbreaking analysis of childhood trauma and dissociation and their far-reaching implications in adult life, it reveals that moderate dissociation is a normal mental reaction to pain and that even the most extreme dissociative reaction-multiple personality-is more common than we think. Through astonishing stories of people whose lives have been shattered by trauma and then remade, The Myth of Sanity shows us how to recognize these altered mental states in friends and family, even in ourselves.

Sugar Blues

Titre : Sugar Blues
Auteur : William, Of
Éditeur : Warner Books (NY)
ISBN-13 : 044636181X
Libération : 1981-07

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It's a prime ingredient in countless substances from cereal to soup, from cola to coffee. Consumed at the rate of one hundred pounds for every American every year, it's as addictive as nicotine -- and as poisonous. It's sugar. And "Sugar Blues," inspired by the crusade of Hollywood legend Gloria Swanson, is the classic, bestselling expose that unmasks our generation's greatest medical killer and shows how a revitalizing, sugar-free diet can not only change lives, but quite possibly save them.

The Magnesium Factor

Titre : The Magnesium Factor
Auteur : Mildred S. Seelig
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 1583331565
Libération : 2003

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Discusses the importance of magnesium in the diet, how a deficiency of this nutrient may lead to health disorders, and how to correct such a deficiency.

The Happiness Diet

Titre : The Happiness Diet
Auteur : Tyler Graham
Éditeur : Rodale
ISBN-13 : 9781609613174
Libération : 2012-12-11

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For the first time in history, too much food is making us sick. It's all too apparent that the Modern American Diet (MAD) is expanding our waistlines; what's less obvious is that it's starving and shrinking our brains. Rates of obesity and depression have recently doubled, and while these epidemics are closely linked, few experts are connecting the dots for the average American. Using the latest data from the rapidly changing fields of neuroscience and nutrition, The Happiness Diet shows that over the past several generations small, seemingly insignificant changes to our diet have stripped it of nutrients--like magnesium, vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin D, as well as some very special fats--that are essential for happy, well-balanced brains. These shifts also explain the overabundance of mood-destroying foods in the average American's diet and why they predispose most of us to excessive weight gain. After a clear explanation of how we've all been led so far astray, The Happiness Diet empowers the reader with simple, straightforward solutions. Graham and Ramsey show you how to steer clear of this MAD way of life with foods to swear off, shopping tips, brain-building recipes, and other practical advice, and then remake your diet by doubling down on feel-good foods--even the all-American burger.

Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher

Titre : Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
Auteur : Gwen Olsen
Éditeur : iUniverse
ISBN-13 : 1935278606
Libération : 2009-04-24

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Winner of the IPPY Award gold medal for Most Progressive Health Book On December 2, 2004, Gwen Olsen’s niece Megan committed suicide by setting herself on fire—and ended her tortured life as a victim of the adverse effects of prescription drugs. Olsen’s poignant autobiographical journey through the darkness of mental illness and the catastrophic consequences that lurk in medicine cabinets around the country offers an honest glimpse into alarming statistics and a health care system ranked last among nineteen industrialized nations worldwide. As a former sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, Olsen learned firsthand how an unprecedented number of lethal drugs are unleashed in the United States market, but her most heartrending education into the dangers of antidepressants would come as a victim and ultimately, as a survivor. Rigorously researched and documented, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher is a moving human drama that shares one woman’s unforgettable journey of faith, forgiveness, and healing.

Sound Therapy

Titre : Sound Therapy
Auteur : Patricia Joudry
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 095792464X
Libération : 2009

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In the 1950s, Dr Alfred Tomatis pioneered the use of sound to enhance auditory pathways and improve brain function. This new field of treatment called Sound Therapy promised hope for those with tinnitus, chronic ear problems, fatigue, insomnia and learning difficulties. This best-selling book is the fascinating story of how Patricia and Rafaele Joudry brought Sound Therapy to the wider public, and how it can be used to heal an array of conditions almost as varied as the brain itself.

Nightshade Free Pain Free

Titre : Nightshade Free Pain Free
Auteur : Michael Fowler
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 097977280X
Libération : 2007-08-01

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An overview of how nightshades plants(potato, tomato, eggplant, etc) in the diet may be a leading cause of many "incurable" diseases, such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines memory loss, chronic fatigue, and more. An expose' on the hidden dangers of toxins in these commonly eaten plants; covers the history, toxic effects, and diseases that may result. After years of needless suffering and frustration from chronic fatigue, joint pain, and intense bowel disorders one man discovered the cause of all of these problems, Nightshades. Learn how nightshades in diet may be the source of numerous health problems for millions of people. You are very familiar with Nightshade plants even if you do not recognize the term. Also called the potato family, these plants contain poisons that attack the nervous system, joints, brain, and even cause cancer. Like its brother tobacco, the potato contains the dreaded nicotine and other toxins that may be even more dangerous. The poisons in potatoes have hidden side-effects that you should know about before having your next meal! .Learn how potatoes can damage your health .How potatoes are related to nerve gas .How kings forced potatoes on the people .How the E.P.A., F.D.A. and W.H.O. refuse to tell people the truth .Potatoes may be the leading cause of: cancer, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer's. "Of the 52% rigidly on the diet [without nightshades], 94% reported complete or substantial relief of arthritis."- Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medical Surgery "In a recent (1983) poisoning associated with a school lunch program, 61 of 109 school children and staff in Alberta, Canada, became ill, most within 5 minutes, after eating bakedpotato."- (Anon, 1984).,"potato neurotoxins have been shown to cause birth defects in rodents." -Dr. Bruce N. Ames and Dr. Lois Swirsky Gold.,"positive correlation of appendicitis incidence rates with potato consumption" -Digestive Diseases in the United States: Epidemiology & Impact -James E. Everhart The toxins found in potatoes may be the leading cause of Alzheimer's, inflammatory bowel disease, congenital spina bifida, osteoporosis, migraines, birth defects, cancer and more!